Photography Production Project



 The Pursuit of Atonement

The photographs follow a character’s journey through a sad and lonely time in life. Experiencing emotions guilt, fear and lack of direction due to a tragic event.


 Slide Show



Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5PHOTO6EditedPHOTO7edited



Like a painting, each photograph incites different readings and stories depending on the audience. The constructed narrative is the story of a drink – drive related accident that claims the lives of a new family. The character is the reckless driver who is also the lone survivor of the casualty but can not live with the fact that a father, mother and new born baby died from his imprudence.

This is his search for some closure, redemption or atonement.




05/03/2018 to 12/03/2018 Pre-Production and Planning Stage

  • Got acquainted with team members
  • Exchanged contact details
  • Created whatsapp group
  • Reviewed and discussed project brief
  • Discussed shared concepts and ideas
  • Reviewed lecture notes and slides
  • Researched narrative’s genres from photographers, news, movies, art, music videos, youtube videos and TV series
  • Team members worked independently

Week 1 Exercise:

Capture: Pattern, Shape, Texture & Tone





















12/03/2018 to 19/03/2018 Pre-Production and Planning Stage

  • Reviewed and discussed project brief
  • Discussed shared concepts and ideas
  • Reviewed lecture notes and slides
  • Researched established photographers
  • Researched similar photographs, images and narrative to help sketch out ideas
  • Roles were divided and allocated amongst team members
  • Devised a schedule plan around the chosen concepts
  • Created a shared one drive folder for contributed ideas
  • Scouted possible locations

Week 2 Exercise:

 Inspirational Land Photography Practitioner

The Pano Awards Photographer of the Year 2016



Open Award Winner – Nature / Landscape


Hibernation, Washington

Somethings as simple as snow and trees turned into a magical scenario. From the photo, one can sense and feel the softness and purity of the representations.




Open Photographer of the Year

Funnel Factory, Central Utah

This photo demonstrates the artistry of nature. Its hard to believe this is not a painting




Open Photographer of the Year


Mount Rainier, Washington

Almost abstract, in soft light, and isolated. Tighter panoramic portrait that shows the details of the peak in dappled storm light.

I really appreciate Alex’s photography because of his vision to see and express the simplest mundane locations in an eloquent inspirational breath taking narrative.


19/03/2018 to 26/03/2018 Planning Stage and Shooting

  • Reviewed lecture notes and slides
  • Reviewed and discussed project brief
  • Contacting locations for permission
  • Brainstorm map and storyboard created and shared
  • Team procured  primary locations
  • Detailed ideas, concepts, plan and shooting techniques shared
  • Shot first phase of photographs


26/03/2018 to 02/04/2018 Shooting and Post Production

  • Selection of photos to create narrative
  • Shared progress and research materials
  • Researched youtube, and Adobe Photoshop tutorials
  • Captured photos at the church, the final location
  • Began editing photographs and applying various discussed concepts (effects)
  • Created powerpoint slide ideas


02/04/2018 to 09/04/2018 Post Production and Preparation

  • Completed editing photographs
  • Shared slideshow in one drive
  • Updated and completed powerpoint slides for presentation
  • Practiced roles for project presentation to workshop group
  • Reviewed final photography production project
  • Performed presentation and introduced project to the workshop group



Brain Storm Map

Brain Storm Map (1).png





Post Production

Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorials,, Lecture Workshops and Youtube

  • Layers, selection tools, adjustment options, channels and other features functions
  • How to create spot colour
  • How to perform content aware fill
  • How to create film noir effects
  • How to create dramatic sunrays effects
  • Various editing effects



  • Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera 18 – DSLRN3300-18​
  • Sony a Alpha DSLR Camera​
  • Memory Hard drive




Photo 1: Walthamstow (Queens Road) Cemetery 126 Queens Road, Walthamstow, London E17 8QP

Photo 2: Strait Road, London E6 5PE

Photo 3: Maud Road London E10 5Q

Photo 4: Sevinc Supermarket 309 Capworth Street, London E10 7BA

Photo 5: Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church 68 Grange Park Road, London E10 5ES






Focused on the project brief, the initial ideas and concepts organically developed into a surprisingly intriguing final product. Steering away from busy metropolitan scenes and popular city landmarks, I wanted to introduce a unique location that will present promising significance and also relate to the narrative. I suggested a church for the theme place and landscape photography because, I pictured a Church of England style building for the exterior and interior infrastructures.

Once the narrative was established, the locations were surprisingly easily accessible than anticipated. The brain-storm map helped stay focused on the objectives while maintaining perspective of the goal, leading to creating a beneficial story board that captured a clear vision path. Google maps was a very useful tool to search and especially view possible locations before venturing out to scout them and shoot, saving alot of essential time.

I volunteered to be the character, also assisted in the directing and production of the photo shoot project. More than three hundred photos were taken which consumed time during the selection process but as a major advantage provided the options for various possibilities to present the narrative. There was sufficient materials to explore creativity and that was fulfilling.

Amongst the many tutorials and educational tools researched, the photography lectures and workshops were interactive and convenient. I could ask questions if I misunderstood. I quickly accumulated and gained more technical knowledge, skills and confidence in my Adobe Photoshop CC proficiency. Compared to my many hours of watching editing walk-through videos, yet knowledge of the features, tools and assets of Photoshop eluded me. It was convenient because the lectures included the selecting and cropping tool options, content aware fill feature, spot colour effect and other attributes in Photoshop. Actual skills required for the project task.

Each photo was selected and edited to feature certain signs and meanings to add intrigue, eliciting markers to create chronological depth. Picture one: The Tragedy, spot colour was applied to certain flowers to highlight three tombstones, the sky was clear so a little contrast was applied to create the image’s clouds in the sky. A little so it is visible and provides a bright background for the silhouettes. This particular photo was selected because of its composition. The low angle shot presents the character, the victims and the statues. The cross as a sign signifies the final destination the theme. The statue and the cemetery signifies loss of life. The editing concepts applied was that each photo transcended from dark to lighter, depicting some form of progress or enlightening. The flowers, the yellow road markings and the building bricks where spot coloured to serve as a navigational tools for the narrative. Notice all are present in picture three and none in picture four. Motion blur was attempted in image five. The reconstruction of Michelangelo’s painting ‘The Creation of Adam’ on the church’s ceiling and the aisle represented the ‘God and Man’ ideologies in Image six: The Longest Aisle. And image seven represents the heavens opening up, ‘Jesus’ decending from the above cross to comfort the character while the angels are the only one witnesses.





Project Brief

Presentation Slides

The Pursuit of Atonement





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